New EP, New Band Name, Time for Adventure

It’s been one of those falls. It turns out there was a couple of other bands named Sorry, Charlie. One of them was even kind of popular. Bummer deals. Also, we recorded everything for the E.P. in a weekend, except the bass tracks. Therefore, the E.P. wasn’t finished, per se, for another month. But alls well that ends well I suppose and you all should get excited (at least you know, a little.)
The new band name is Hello, Creature and this E.P. is called Are You Sentient? You can listen to it on our bandcamp, or ourmyspace (ick.)
The sites are way new, but our photographer friend Katy HO is going to do band pictures for us as soon as possible.
In other news from our artist friends, expect a new ‘zine to be available shortly dealing with the concept of “home”, from Kaley Iacovetta; one of our favorite bands Octopus For Yes don’t have too much time left in their current incarnation, so try to catch them as much as you can. Also, Brit Brennan is making crazy stuff in the woods across the river, maybe someday soon she’ll let you see some of it.
Lastly, we are trying to get an Art Jam monthly type thing going within the next month, where you can all bring your instruments and art supplies and we can make something beautiful together. Anyone who wants to help should contact me at rosieraerae at gmail dot com.
See you on the flipside.

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About The Fuhrl

we are a community of artists who are trying to give each other a leg up. this site will be a space for us to increase awareness of like-minded bands and artists through reviews, show announcements, links to other related sites, and any and all things we can do to show anyone on the world wide web who cares to see all the rad art being made and largely ignored in the philadelphia region. and we're taking it to the rest of the country on a yellow schoolbus next summer!

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