The Most “Wonderful” Time Of The Year

So it’s the Christmas season. We aren’t going to lecture you (it’s just not our thing) but if you feel like being educated and entertained, Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Church have a pretty neat and different take on the meaning of Christmas. It’s called What Would Jesus Buy? and we all love it. Also we suggest for your own sakes that you don’t go nuts on your credit cards. The people that love you don’t want you in permanent debt so they can have a new iPhone.
In other news, our friends Between Days are playing at the Fire on December 19th starting at 7pm. You guys should go, they really put on a great show!
On January 8th, dweller of the Fuhrl, Brianna Barton (known to us only as Bri) opens her senior thesis exhibition, entitled WHERE ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? is a participatory exhibition that is sent through the mail. It looks at artists who have used mail art as a tool to remove art from a gallery/capitalist context, engage the viewer to do more than just look, and to create a system/network of collaboration and gift giving.The viewer is also asked to partake in a mail art pool that will result in an entirely new body of mail art generated through collaboration with others.The show will be mail out January 8th. Come take part in a creative experiment about connection, collaboration and reflection! Seriously guys, this is the kind of art that we’re talking about. Stop being a wallflower and come dance with us.
In the saddest news ever, if you guys want to hear a band that should be famous (and would inevitably be if the government wasn’t stealing their guitar player) Octopus For Yes! are playing their last show ever on January 14th, also at the Fire. Our rad and ingenious pals Streaks of Light are opening and they are the kind of thing that you kick yourself for missing out on. Actually this whole show is. It’s like witnessing anti-history.
Finally, hopefully one Sunday in January, we will be throwing our first art jam. Bring instruments, bring anything you want to throw at those canvases and bring your body if you just want to dance. Most importantly, bring the vibes.
Listen, we know it’s cold out, Christmas carols are annoying (when played ad nauseum) and so are people talking about stuff and money all the time, but it’s warm where the art making and the love is.

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we are a community of artists who are trying to give each other a leg up. this site will be a space for us to increase awareness of like-minded bands and artists through reviews, show announcements, links to other related sites, and any and all things we can do to show anyone on the world wide web who cares to see all the rad art being made and largely ignored in the philadelphia region. and we're taking it to the rest of the country on a yellow schoolbus next summer!

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