Swing into the summertime vibes with The Fuhrl (thefuhrl.wordpress.com or thefuhrl.tumblr.com) and allow us to present to you a bounty, plethora, CORNUCOPIA (if you will) of local creative talent. We’ll provide indoor and outdoor entertainment all afternoon, including:

acoustic sets by Shaun Carr, Luke Topping, Bri Bird and Rabbit
poetry readings TBA
live painting and collage by Kerdieekrdaad (Bri and Jackie) and Rabbit
the artistic wonders of Sophie Strachan and Jon Swartz

our food to nourish and sustain you, and we welcome any potluck-style donations (if you make baller grub, and you feel like sharing it, bring some with you!) BYO

Then we’ll say hasta luego to el sol, and get our bodies moving to the tunes of (at least)…


….and all you experienced fuhrl fans remember how the last night ended, right? Anything can happen…

STAY TUNED for more activities and artists we might just decide to slip in before the big day!!!

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About The Fuhrl

we are a community of artists who are trying to give each other a leg up. this site will be a space for us to increase awareness of like-minded bands and artists through reviews, show announcements, links to other related sites, and any and all things we can do to show anyone on the world wide web who cares to see all the rad art being made and largely ignored in the philadelphia region. and we're taking it to the rest of the country on a yellow schoolbus next summer!

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