We got the bus!!

Collectively, a large portion of the Fuhrl just purchased a 1964 GM Bus. Her name is “Loki”. In the end of July after our upcoming showcase, we plan to begin traveling around the country. Our first destination is Caravan festival in Belgrade, Maine. Then we will return for Philly Folk Fest in the end of August, and following we will head out west to Nevada, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, etc., etc., etc. It will be a journey that will take a few months and there are some things we hope to accomplish on our journey:

Participate in work trades and skill shares

Work on farms

Meet new artists, musicians, writers, creative beings

Stay at and help out some communes

Camp, hike, visit the vast beauty of the National Parks that this country offers

Play music, make art, and write about our journey all along the way

Establish connections with other groups like ours trying to make creativity and acceptance more accessible to everyone

Become experts at making delicious meals for 9 over a fire


We will of course keep you all up to date with our travels and experiences, so please check in on the blog regularly to see what shenanigans we’ve gotten ourselves into!

And as with all people embarking on large endeavors that are less about personal financial gain and more about sustainable, community-based projects, we could use all the help we can get. If you’ve got an extra 5 bucks, or 20, or more, and you would like to enable our goal of furthering this beautiful collective that is The Fuhrl, please donate. We would be so grateful, and it will benefit the greater good, and you would forever be a special part of the Fuhrl. Maybe you’ll even get a souvenir (what size t-shirt are you?).

Anyway, in the mean time we are working on fixing Loki up and whipping her into shape. The final step is converting her to run on STRAIGHT VEGETABLE OIL. This means great gas mileage, free fuel, and NO POLLUTION! Yay! We love the Earth. And we love you, too.


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