Successes and Delays

Hello All!

I am happy to report that our last event at the Bookspace was FANTASTICALLY successful! It was wonderful that all of you showed up. Additionally, our recent journeys to Caravan Festival in Maine and Philly Folk Fest were thoroughly enjoyed.

However, we have been experiencing some technical delays, as Loki is still in the shop being repaired. She is almost done, hopefully we will be leaving in a week or so. On that note, some other changes have occurred as well. We were not able to leave in time to make it to Burning Man, and about half of the Fuhrlies intending to join us on this bus voyage have decided it’s not the right time for them, and they will be staying in Philly. This means good things for the Philly scene – the Fuhrl will be up and running head strong on the East coast. That also means that THERE IS ROOM ON THE BUS FOR MORE TO JOIN! We could really use some help with gas, some help busking and working along the way, and help promoting our mission. Otherwise, it’d just be a great adventure and spontaneous way to see the beauty that is in this country. If you’d like to catch a ride anywhere Westward of here, e-mail us!

Stay posted for updates on the trip and upcoming events!

Here is some visual confirmation of our joyous times in recent history


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