Rosie Rae Tells You What To Do This Week

Wang says that I should put my “party-girl nature to better use” and write about things to do on here (sort of how he told me I should get my tramp stamp fixed so people can google the fuhrl after…seeing it.)

 So if I can be consistent about it, every Thursday I’m going to compile a list of stuff that I think is fun and am probably going to do, and then you can go to it (and probably rage with me, if this is at all appealing.) (Like the Agenda in the city paper or Weekend Picks on Philebrity, except for this stuff is probably cheaper and more biased towards my friends. Well, more biased than the Agenda.)
Ok with no further adieu:


There’s this intriguing thing at the Live Arts Studio with free admission and free beer and there’s some guaranteed to be some weird art. Apparently “anything goes.” I mean there is free beer.

And if you’re trying super hard to get down there’s always snacks at voyeur complete with dubious hipster crowd, free hotdogs, $1 PBRs, $2 Sparks and well drinks til 12 and no cover. I never go to this, but am always sort of tempted by all the freeness. But voyeur.

Tomorrow (Friday):

Ok there’s some really awesome shows on Friday. None of which I can afford to go to. If any of you are moved by my brilliant suggestions for entertainment, take me out. It will make your night more fun.

The best looking thing in my opinion is this Holiday Revue hosted by The Extraordinaires. It’s at the necktie, it’s $8, and gets compared to Pee Wee’s Playhouse in the write-up. Members of Dr. Dog, Man Man, and Conversations With Enemies are playing. Also the Extraordinaires are awesome.

And at the Bikery at South Philly Bikeworks, Banned Books are playing, with New Beings. It’s a $5 donation in an interesting place. Worth doing for sure.

Out of The Beardspace are playing an afterparty near temple for $5 with Pet Clinic too, and they’re also a seriously good band. The $5 gets you beer too. (I’m always looking out for your free beer needs. Even though I can’t have any.)


Revolution, I Love You Toy Soldiers, and a lot of other people are playing at MilkBoy which is $10 in advance and $12 at the door but it’s a pretty good lineup and maybe the move. If you’re ballin’ like that.

Also Steve Goldberg and The Arch Enemies are having an album release at Johnny Brenda’s for $10. Oh! Pears are playing too and people say they are really awesome live so…

Then there’s Philadelphyinz w/DJ Reck at Medusa which is free before 11, and it’s 2nd Saturday on East Passyunk.


Its karaoke at the barbary and rocks off is upstairs. Here, a local blogger explains why karaoke at the barbary is hilarious.  There’s dollar drinks til 11 and a $50 cash prize.

That’s it.


I always do this.

Look, the barbary is really good on off-nights.


This party looks awesome.

Alright, do some of this stuff! More next week. Come hang.


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