Officially Awesome Stuff to Do by Rosie Rae

So I know I said I was going to update this on Thursdays but there’s cool stuff to do tonight, and I don’t want to deprive you of knowing about it by being a slave to routine. Especially a routine that I just invented. So here goes.


At Silk City tonight Organ Blues, Soldiers of Soul, Old Arrows and Party The Hut are playing starting at 9. It’s $7 and there’s some moderate drink specials. Soldiers of Soul played one of our fuhrl things before, and also they’re awesome.

Also, there’s the KFN Holiday Free Pizza Party, its from 5-10 and every time you buy a beer you get a free slice of pizza from Rustica. I can’t eat pizza or drink beer, but if I could this would be really tempting.

Then there’s Betamax at the Barbary which I’ve never gone too but it sounds kind of badass. It also has a free open bar starting at 10 “til supplies run out” which basically means get there at 9:45 and sit at the bar the whole time because those things last for like 20 minutes. Me and Mike Rod did that for Tigerbeats and we still only managed to milk 3 free drinks out of it. No cover though.


This is probably disgustingly hip, but it could be really hilarious. The 2011 Philebrity Awards and Xmas Pageant is at the Trocadero. It’s free, Schooly D is playing (amongst other people) and we get to watch Joey Sweeney tell people who’s cool and who’s not. I’m not gonna go probably. He already told me I wasn’t cool when I stopped working there.

There’s always Snacks, with prerequisite free hot dogs and cheap drinks. Also Sal P from Liquid Liquid is playing which is cool but that guy’s gotta be so old.

Factory Girls sounds like fun. And it’s fancy that you have to email them to get on the guest list if you don’t want to pay $5 to get in. And K. Rex is a pretty awesome chick DJ.

Ok, and I can’t really tell you to go to Mt. Airy, but if you do feel so inclined, there’s The Big Folkin’ Experiment at Earth, Bread and Brewery. If we weren’t friends with these people, I wouldn’t know this existed but it is actually really fun. If you’re into that sort of thing.


This isn’t a party, but we could make it one. Occupy Vacant Lots dudes!

Sonni Shine and The Underwater Sounds are playing at the Blockley with some other people. It’s $7 in advance, $10 at the door and it starts at 7. It’s 18+ which means maybe that there will be lots of young people and you will be the drunkest one there. Possibility.

The Port Richmond Pour House is having a holiday hoedown. This place is for real in the middle of the hood, but there’s really cheap booze and it looks like free jello shots and food. Also there’s a bad santa gift exchange which could get really ugly with strangers.

Over in West Philly, Kyle Press is throwing another super strange show at Sprinkle Kingdom called soft music/LOUD NOISES where he is juxtaposing acoustic acts with noise rock. Be prepared to have your face melted and massaged. Don’t come stoned or you’re just gonna stand around feeling like a weirdo. True story.

Ok, then there’s this show at Little Bar, although I mistrust Little Bar cause they kicked my friend out the other week for pissing off a regular. But then afterwards there’s an ok DJ, so you know. I don’t know. And there’s T.V.I.


Ok this basically sounds like a cross between a religious cult and a rave. But Panadelphia aren’t really as crusty as they sound on paper. Or rather, they are, but they’re also really cool.

PhilaMOCA is having an Office Party starting at 7. Wear ugly office attire. It’s $10 but if you’ve ever been to PhilaMOCA before you know that people will let you in regardless. Also there might be a copy machine.

This could either be really fun or kind of sad.

But I mean, I’m going to do this, for the following reasons: 1) its $2, 2) Spank Rock is playing, 3) there’s a two hour open bar and 4) it goes til 3:30 in the morning. This is the best looking Making Time in forever, for real. (Also free hot dogs. Y’know, in case that puts you over the edge.)

Then in lesser parties, there’s the Beer Rave at Medusa which is $5 and doesn’t have an open bar, and 6ex 6ex 6ex Holiday Krampus Party at the Barbary which legitimately does sound like fun but is also $5 for less of an open bar.
I’m just putting it out there, it’s really hard to top a $2 cover and free booze.


Delilah’s has a full complimentary dinner buffet and drink specials between 5-7. I mean they have that everyday but I feel like Sunday is the day for free dinner at the strip club.

Also the Barbary and the Locust Bar have ruckus karaoke nights.


I’m just gonna keep telling you to do this until you do. It worked with Wang.

seriously, though, don't you want to have this much fun?

Ok that’s all I’ve got for now, but facebook invite me to anything you want me to write about on here if we’re friends, because really at least half the purpose of this is shamelessly advocating for my friends stuff.


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