Totally Righteous Stuff To Do, with Rosie Rae- XXXMas Edition

Tis the season to get shitty, get and give shit you don’t need, and scarf down tons of delicious food. I for one have already eaten my weight in my grandma’s latkes, been reading Scott Weiland’s autobiography (a gift from my awesome mom) and been slugging crow and hard cider like god asked me to personally.

he looks like this, right?

So here’s what I think you guys should do this week. Happy non-denominational holidays, and rock the fuck on!


In the department of hipster raves in Northern Liberties, there’s Don’t Step with Amanda Blank, Sweatheart and BHB. There’s gonna be free Don’t Step t-shirts and CDs for those who show up early, (it starts at 8), there’s a bunch of DJs and it goes til 4am. For $10, that ain’t bad.

Then, there’s the last FNGR BNGR of the year at Fluid. It’s free before 11, $5 after and there’s drink specials and general opportunities for debauchery. And the music is super fun, always.

But in my opinion, the single best thing to do tonight is the En Fuego album release party at Milkboy. These guys are for serious one of my favorite bands in Philly, and it’s been actually centuries since the last time they played. Sonni Shine and The Underwater Sounds and Penrose are also playing, its $10 at the door and starts at 8:30. Also, everyone in that band is fucking cute as shit. Go, I promise, you won’t regret it.


?uestlove is DJing at Fluid for $7.

There’s also Anything U Can Shake Yr Hips 2 which is DJ Deejay, $2 for girls and $5 for dudes at Silk City.

But honestly, I recommend you find someone to do Christmas Eve with, cause for real all the stuff happening looks questionable. And Christmas Eve is awesome.


Christmas Karaoke at the Barbary, what???? Dollar drinks til 11, $50 cash prize!

We’re throwing a Lonely Jews on Xmas Bash, call me if you wanna come.

Tattooed Moms has Sweet Jane’s Vintage and Vinyl Presents: DJ Jem and Friends, its got dollar PBRs from 7-11 and crafts.


Dos Hombres at the Kung Fu Necktie has no cover, reasonable cheap booze and a bunch of dudes we know DJing funny stuff.


As you guys can see, it’s a fucking slow week. Shit picks up again by Thursday (thankfully) with FLYF: XXXMAS which is at the 700 club, it’s a grunge and and garage rock party. Also the Shadowscene girl throws it. And FYLF stands for Fuck You, Let’s Fuck. And there’s no cover.

Also, Cheers Elephant are playing at Johnny Brenda’s. It’s $10, doors at 8 and they’re amazing.

Jello Wrestling at Dobbs. For serious, you can win $500. And there’s a Ramones cover band.

And Sonic Liberation Front at Tritone at 9pm. One of your last chances to go to Tritone, so if that matters, this is a good one to go to.

And get ready, cause then it’s NYE and also my muthafuckin birthday!!! Stay tuned, dudes.


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