What’s happening?

You can feel it. That energy that has been bubbling around the present. Connecting. History. The super-organic, as Spencer called it. That thing hanging in the air. The force that makes people experience and understand reality in the way they do. Culture. Intangible influence.

And I’m fading away into my bed. There’s millions of hours of television to watch on my computer. I get wifi for free.

Am I spoiled? yizzur. Am I apathetic to the point where I don’t even care about my own well being- my own purpose as a human who is suppose to function as a part of this society. Why don’t I want to function?

It’s hard to make sense of who I’m suppose to be in a society in which people are in large part connected administratively. Society has functions people aren’t aware of. As its own social organism. (very Durkeimian I know).

So maybe my sense of individualism is the problem. Could this be my road block? Could this be OUR road block? I know I’m not going through this alone. Through some of my anthropology lessons in college I came to a conclusion that globalization (capitalization, modernization, neoliberalism…blaahhh etc..)= individualism.

There are constant tensions between tradition and modern ideas of nation/state. We are no longer rooted. To land or family. We exist completely in the present.

So what if individualism is really focusing our attention inward, thus distracting us from this organic (seemingly demonic) structure forming.

This thought is not concluded….and this complicated matter feels so connected to how I’m feeling, as a useless being: unattached. But that’s what we’re attempting to change isn’t it?


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