Loki is about to Launch!!!


Yes, yesterday the bus crew gave Loki a nice scrub down and she is finally ready to go! We are proposing to leave in about 2 weeks. In those weeks we will get some minor kinks worked out and get to add our own aesthetic touch to her already glistening image and deck her out on the inside. We’re going to transform her out of date stale, conservative 60’s style living room attire into a melodious cacophony of brilliant colors, patterns and eclectic, calming imagery. Basically, she will be ravishing. We want to send our girl off right.

En leu of this momentous accomplishment, I want to reflect on the tremendous amount of patience the 6 of us have endured in this process, and the support we’ve been given. We have been sitting on the edge of our seats, sleeping on floors, couches, being feed by each other and kept afloat by our loved ones for 7 months! AND WE OWE YOU ALL A HUGE THANK YOU! I am eternally grateful for everyone’s aid in our relentless quest for freedom. We truly have something special when we can all be crammed in each other’s space so tightly for so long without getting sick and tired of each other. This family that is the Fuhrl is comprised of the most wonderful, loving, giving people I have ever met.

In addition, I am astounded by the amazing support my dad and Sea Box Inc. has given us in helping to fund Loki’s transformation into a fully functioning vehicle that won’t crap out on the side of the highway leaving a trail of leaking fluid behind us. My dad is amazing, and I can’t thank him enough for helping to make this dream of ours possible.

Even though we weren’t on the road, the last 7 months have certainly been quite the learning experience. Through struggle and frustration was born strong bonds and understanding. The deep rooted kind. What more could I ask for? I love you all, thanks for believing in us.


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