New Evolution.

Humans, whatever their subsistence or mode of production, are the only animals that have become dependent on da fruits of their technology.

Evolution. Individuality. Technology. I find the intersections of evolutionary science to be incredibly fooking fascinating. This film Waking Life is absolutely wonderful, but this part in particular is great.

Also there’s this dude Michael Garfield who explores this magical reality that would be cool to check out.


He says on technology:

“our technologies are not some sort of demonic possession or some sort of horrible external force that we need to rid ourselves of, but there a part of a unified, intelligent living evolutionary process, that themselves will eventually be miniaturized, internalized, and in that sense transcended in the same way that 3d fabrication and home-powered generation is going to miniaturize the entire industrial economy and liberate us from the tyranny of central industrial organization. This is what happens over and over and over again in evolution- we have a network, and then we learn how to internalize that network. ”

Can you see the web?


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