The Bus

the Fuhrl's second home...Loki the Space Bus

This past summer we co-purchased a bus since have been in the process of converting it into our current living space in preparation for a journey across the United States.  This trip is  an attempt to grow as a community from exposure to new experiences, people, and cultures. Through this endeavor, we aspire to demonstrate the vitality that we gain as individuals from a sustainable, creative, and collaborative lifestyle.  Our desire is to educate and be educated; we understand that when we expose ourselves to new skills, lifestyles, and lessons, we continue to grow as individuals and are better able to achieve our goals as a collective.  Everyone is a student, and everyone is a teacher.  We believe that when people take the time to learn from one another; tolerance, acceptance, and respect flourish and barriers disappear.  This is an idea we hope to bring to every aspect of our journey.  We aim to infuse this philosophy into each step of our journey.

The crew!

When the bus crew does hit the road, we will invite, on a rotating basis, fresh faces to join us on our trip.  The only requirement of rideshares, beyond sharing the chores and road expenses, is that they (you?!) are prepared to participate in the collaborative environment this bus is meant to foster.  We will share our stories and learn from each other’s experiences.  We will make music together, write, or create visual works throughout this trip.  And, ideally, all that we create will have a life beyond our little bus crew, whether we share it through a zine we make from the road, display it electronically, put it up for sale on Etsy, or curate a show of it at the culmination of our trip.  Most likely all of the above.


4 thoughts on “The Bus

  1. Hi there! Wow, it is so divine to have found you (through couchsurfing).
    I empathise with everything above.
    Is the bus ready to leave? I will write through CS so you can check my profile.
    Also you can check the website, we are planning to travel across the continent on tall bikes, with very similar philosophy and objectives as you.
    Well let’s keep in touch, I know me and my ukelele I wil join you soon 😉

  2. WOW!!! This is great!! I wish i could join once i’m in the US. currently traveling in Vietnam and the Philippines 🙂 Keep on spreading luv.


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